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Holiday Quizlet( Vocabulary) lists for December 10-17

The link below is to this week’s vocabulary /Quizlet words. The  test will be Friday December 14, 2018.

highlight the link /right click/ then click on open URL

Learning Objectives for December 3-7, 2019

Reading . 3.6. Poetry-elements and Structure of poetry using Seasonal poems

3.9. Figurative Language

3.16 Media Literary. We are using Holiday sales advertisements to understand types  and purposes of Media

Writing.3.21. Persuasive Writing Unit

Social Studies.13.A.B. Culture and Celebration.  Students are researching the holiday traditions and celebrations of several countries

Learning Objectives for November 26-30, 2018

Reading:3.16. A,B,C  Reading/Media Literacy. (A) understand how communication changes when moving from one genre of media to another

(B)  explain how various design techniques used in media influence the message (e.g., shape, color, sound); and

(C)  compare various written conventions used for digital media (e.g., language in an informal e-mail vs. language in a web-based news article).


3.(6)  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Poetry.  Students are expected to describe the characteristics of various forms of poetry and how they create imagery (e.g., narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, humorous poetry, free verse).

Stanzas, meter, etc.


3.10 Figurative Language (simile, hyperbole, onomatopoeia , metaphor, idiom, personification, alliteration)


Writing:  3.21. Writing/Persuasive Texts.

Social Studies: 13.A,B. Cultures and Traditions

Vocabulary ( Quizlet) words for November 26-30,2018

The link at the bottom will take you to vocabulary words for this week’s words. There are several ways for students to practice the words at this link. PLEASE do not take the test as it can only be taken once and must be in the classroom. ( TEST WILL BE FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30)

Highlight the link, right click, click on open URL



Learning Objectives November 12-16, 2018

This week before Thanksgiving Break we are doing Thanksgiving themed reading passages,  poems, and writings as we work on the Learning Objectives listed below.  Some of the activities are fictional and funny and others are historical.  Be looking for some funny writings to come home on Friday. ( No Turkey for Thanksgiving..with an alternate food choice, and   How to Cook aTurkey)

We will have our spelling test on Friday that is  also Fall and Thanksgiving related words.

Reading:3.6.A. Poetry; 3.10. Sensory Language; 3. 12. Cultural context ( making Inferences) ; 3.13. Nonfiction text features; 3.15. Procedural test( read and follow multi-step directions)

Also, students will bring home on Friday the paper where they created their own new brand of candy bar last week after learning about Milton Hershey. There were some really creative new candies created.

Check Roughneck folders for the cursive packets that your child has completed. We will continue working and learning cursive the entire year.

Thanksgiving Break

November 19-25th will be school holidays. We are off the entire week  so our students will  have time to spend with their families. I wish for all a safe, restful, and happy Thanksgiving time with loved ones.


Future Candy Makers?

School Picture Retakes November 15

School Picture Retakes

If you were absent when pictures were made, or you are a new student to White Oak after pictures were made, please make sure that you come prepared to SMILE for the camera on Thursday, November 15th. You will need to pick up a picture form from the intermediate office.

Anyone else who wishes to have pictures retaken MUST RETURN THE FIRST PICTURE PACKET IN ITS ENTIRETY TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER BEFORE participating in pictures retakes. 

ANY QUESTIONS should be directed to Lifetouch at 800.736.4753

Inference Detectives

We are learning about making  inferences. We spent some time in the library using clues to make inferences and solve mysteries.

Inference Detectives


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